Coming Together as a Community Makes Us Stronger

Help Support The LAIR by Donating

Why we are doing this...

Three years ago, a dream for San Antonio was realized when The LAIR (Lifestyle Artistic Interactive Resource Center) was formed to meet the growing needs of the San Antonio Alternative Lifestyle Community.   The San Antonio Community came together and through crowd source funding raised nearly $25,000 and put in a lot of work to help make The LAIR what it is today.
I can only contribute a little.  What can I do to help?

There is NO minimum contribution needed.  Every dollar will help guarantee our continued success.

The Impact

Direct Participation

We are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand cleaning up, organizing and many other jobs, prior to opening and after we close. No  matter how big or small your contribution, it will be greatly appreciated and welcomed.


We are looking for items to help outfit and refurbish your center. Here is a partial list of donated items that will be put to good use:

If you have any of these items and do not need them, or know of someone who has these items and may be willing to donate them or sell them at a low cost, let us know.

For more information email